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DVR-109 new 16x multiple format DVD writer

Melsele - Belgium, 6 January 2005
DVR-109 new 16x Multi-Format DVD Writer With
Dual/Double Layer Compatibility

The DVR-109 offers Dual/Double Layer support for DVD-R/+R media types (1) at 6x along with 16x writing to DVD-R/+R, 8x writing to +RW (2) and 6x to DVD-RW. The drive's combined specifications deliver the highest level of all-round DVD-writing performance currently available.


The DVR-109 can write 4.7GB of data to write-once media in seven minutes on either DVD-R or +R media, complemented by the capability to store up to 8.5GB on Dual/Double Layer discs. The product is ideal for a wide range of applications including the authoring, editing and storing of video files (3), developing digital music catalogues, building image libraries and backing up data. It is among the first drives to offer 16x write speeds on DVD-R in line with the October approval of the speed enhancement to DVD-R by the DVD Forum.

“Pioneer created the DVD Forum's preferred specification - DVD-R - which reigns supreme as the most-purchased media format. Our track record for innovation is further underlined by the fact that we are usually first to market with write-speed enhancements. However, while most manufacturers tend to focus on write speed as the key selling points of their drives, Pioneer has also invested in enhancing core technologies. Our drives offer a range of features to improve writing quality and compensate for media irregularities and the DVR-109 represents the optimum evolution in DVD writing performance,” observes Chris Tampsett, Senior Manager, Pioneer Europe Multimedia Division.

The DVR-109's embedded hardware features - “ Precision Recording Technology” – to enhance DVD writing performance. This technology includes a “Liquid Crystal Tilt/Thickness Compensator” to ensure precise writing by automatically adjusting for Single and Dual/Double Layer media that are warped or of uneven thickness. A n “Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber” (Low Vibration Mechanism) is also provided to reduce the instability and vibration caused by imbalanced or damaged media to achieve and maintain the integrity of the recording and playback performance. “Reduced length” – DVR-109 has reduced its outer casing length by 18mm for easy installation into compact towers.

(1) The drive will offer DVD-R Dual Layer compatibility through a firmware upgrade once the DVD-R Dual Layer specification has been officially approved by the DVD Forum. The write speed for selected DVD-R Dual Layer and +R Double Layer media types can also be increased to 6x through this firmware upgrade.

(2) The +RW Alliance is now finalising the +RW 8x format and the product can be enhanced to support this media through a firmware upgrade once the +RW 8x specification has been officially approved by the +RW Alliance.

(3) Recording equipment and copyright: Recording equipment should be used only for lawful copying, and you are advised to check carefully what is lawful copying in the country in which you are making a copy. Copy of copyright material such as films or music is unlawful unless permitted by a legal exception or consented to by the copyright owners.