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Pioneer introduces two new DVD Recorders

Melsele - Belgium, 25 May 2004
Pioneer introduces two new DVD Recorders
The stylish DVR-220 and DVR-320 deliver ultimate recording capabilities

Pioneer today extends its innovative DVD recorder line up with two new additions; the DVR-220 and DVR-320. With form and function being two key elements, these new DVD recorders are ultra-slim and ultra-sleek. Not only do they look good but both recorders boast the very best quality in picture and sound recording as well as playback; making them the ideal enhancement for any TV or movie corner.


The new DVR-220 / DVR-320 feature Pioneer's innovative Chase Play function, so users can watch the beginning of a recorded programme whilst still recording the end – perfect for those who arrive home half way through their favourite show! Recording has never been simpler. The DVR-220 and DVR-320 DVD recorders feature the very latest in DVD technology easily accessible through an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), with Disc Navigator function assisting users in finding and / or editing their recordings. On-screen help guides the user to advanced functions such as frame-accurate editing. Automatic recording space searches and Disc History make disc management easier than ever. And if users wish to remove unwanted commercials from a movie: it's there at the touch of a button! “ DVD recorders are becoming an integral part of home entertainment and it is no longer a case of standard functionality. Consumers today are demanding the best in picture quality and sound alongside first-class recording and editing functions. With the introduction of our DVR-220 and DVR-320, Pioneer has combined high quality imaging and sound with easy-to-use functions to deliver the most advanced multimedia interface .” says Philippe Coppens, Manager, Technology and Product InfoManagement, Pioneer Europe NV

Ease of use - The DVR-220 and DVR-320 include a range of features which make operating the recorder simple and easy to use:
  • Pioneer's Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) includes on-screen help to explain key features and functions. Advanced frame accurate editing to insert and delete scenes and the creation of playlists are also available through the GUI interface
  • Pioneer's Disc Navigator means users can find recordings at the touch of a button. Thumbnail images corresponding to title play in the thumbnail frame, with audio, supporting users in selecting exact recordings as easily as possible
  • Pioneer's innovative Chase Play feature means that users can watch the beginning of a recorded programme whilst still recording the end – perfect for those who arrive home half way through their favourite show!
  • For ease of navigation, the DVR-220 and DVR-320 provide multi-step fast-forward and fast-reverse scanning; the first forward scanning step plays back the recorded content, video plus audio, at 1.5x speed for quick yet still “comprehensible” viewing. Equally integrated are title-skip, multi-step forward and backward slow motion viewing, as well as repeat and programmed playback
  • The instant one-touch recording function is ideal for users in a rush to start recording. One press of a button and the DVR-220 / DVR-320 starts recording immediately in 30 minute blocks
  • No more searching for available space on a DVD, with the Disc History function information including the amount of free space is displayed for the last 30 discs loaded
  • On-screen access to all the DVR-220 / DVR-320's functions and features, from programming to editing, is available through the Home Menu
  • Timer recorder has never been simpler. It is an easy three step process; all users have to do is set the channel, recording quality and start/finish times
Ultimate recording - Avoiding the clutter of videotapes, the DVR-220 and DVR-320 records on both DVD-R and DVD-RW media. Key features include:
  • The DVR-220 and DVR-320 allow users to record between one to six hours of material, in both ‘DVD Video Mode' or ‘DVD Video Recording Mode', depending on desired picture quality and editing requirements
  • A menu of selectable thumbnail images is created after a DVD-R / DVD-RW disc is finalised in DVD Video Mode to visually access recorded programmes on a compatible DVD-Video playback system. The recording modes are based on MPEG compression technology for real-time recording of high quality images.
  • Users can record tonight's movie premiere whilst watching last night's episode of Sex and the City with the simultaneous record and playback function
  • Movies or TV programmes can even be watched on a regular DVD players, including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-Video playback, when recorded in Video mode

Digital transfer of your beautiful memories - Users can view and edit their own camcorder footage with the DVR-320. DVD content can be transferred digitally from the camcorder to the DVR-320 and vice versa via the DV (i.LINK) input/output interface

Movie masterpiece - The DVR-220 and DVR-320 offer numerous editing possibilities and enable users to create movie masterpieces with the following features:

  • The Disc Navigator function enables users to perform advanced edits on DVD-RW media in DVD Video Recording Mode as well as creating a play list based on the original content. Multiple playlists can also be created based on the same original content – enabling users for example to make a different scene selection for the family and another for friends
  • Frame accurate editing is also possible through the Disc Navigator. It allows the user to mark for example exact parts for deletion, meaning unwanted commercials that interrupt a movie can be deleted with high precision
  • Pioneer's picture quality adjustment function alters the brilliance and colour signals to create a perfect picture according to the source, allowing users for example to optimise the picture quality of an old video tape when transferring it to DVD

The DVR-220 and DVR-320 will be available from June 2004.

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