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New Range of 18X DVD Writers

We’ll be releasing two new internal DVD writers this month:
the DVR-112 multi-format drive and the DVR-112D dual-format drive.

DVR-112 RangeThe writers set new performance benchmarks by writing at 18X speed to write once DVD media (DVD-R and +R) and 10X speed to write once Dual Layer / Double Layer (DL) media (DVD-R DL and +R DL).

The writers will be available on an OEM basis in PCs from February 2007 and can also be purchased from our distribution network.

Indicative pricing around Europe is approximatley €40 for a unit.

Five models are available:

  • DVR-112: Beige Multi-format drive (DVD-RAM read and write)
  • DVR-112BK: Black Multi-format drive (DVD-RAM read and write)
  • DVR-112D: Beige Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only)
  • DVR-112DBK:   Black Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only)
  • DVR-112DSV:   Silver Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only)

The new writers are extremely quiet and practical, too. You can write 4 hours of standard footage or 2 hours of high quality footage to a Dual / Double Layer disc in approximately ten and a half minutes. All round, they stand as a compelling buy.

Formats and Write Speeds
For the DVR-112 multi-format drives, the write speeds by format are:


Write Speed

DVD-R / +R










CD-R / -RW




The DVR-112D dual-format drive provides identical write performance to the DVR-112 multi-format drive, but excludes DVD-RAM writing support.

The high write speed of 18X is achieved with DVD-R and +R discs through the adoption of the CAV recording system, while our proprietary technologies ensure the disc has been recorded accurately and efficiently.

Read/Write performance technologies
DVR-112 Product FamilyThe DVR-112 range retains our Disc-Resonance Stabiliser technology, which controls the airflow generated by disc-rotation in order to minimise disc warping that can occur when media rotates at high speed.

As well as Buffer Under Run protection technology, writing performance is further advanced by key innovations including:

  • A Multi-Effect Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator; it operates at high-speed - even on Dual Layer/Double Layer media types - to ensure precise writing to the disc by automatically compensating for discs that are warped or of uneven thickness.
  • An Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber; this reduces the instability and vibrations caused by imbalanced or damaged media, maintaining the integrity of the recording and playback performance.
  • Performance Adjusting Firmware; this optimises the disc’s rotation speed depending on the user’s application – for example, if watching a movie or listening to music, the disc velocity is reduced keeping background noise to a minimum.

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