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SPL World Champions!

Edge Audio, lead by veteran competitors Scott Owens and Kyle Witherspoon, won another world sound pressure level (SPL) title at last weekend’s IASCA’s IDBL World Finals, in Georgia, USA.

Using our competition-grade subs and PRS series amps, Scott says their latest win sets them up for the rest of the finals events in the coming weeks.

“Our goal is to continue to dominate the category as we did last year when we set the world record and became the first to break the 180 dB SPL barrier,” says Scott.

Scott Owens

At this event, Scott’s 2002 F-250 hit 180.3 dB to capture the first place trophy and set a new world record in the 2006 idBL Ultimate 3 division. 

Scott’s vehicle competes with 13 TS-W5102SPL subwoofers powered by 52 PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers, 128 16-volt Kinetic batteries and three Ohio Generator 285-amp alternators producing more than 157,000 watts of power

In May at the Steel Valley Regional show held in Chester West Virginia, Scott hit the world record and took home the dB Drag trophy with a sound pressure level of 179.4 dB.  At the same show, he also won the IASCA IDBL and MECA competitions with sound pressure levels of 179.5 dB and 180.3 dB respectively.

Kyle WitherspoonKyle, who competes with a 2004 Scion xB, also captured the first place trophy and a world record in the Ultimate 1 division with an SPL score of 177.2 dB

In his vehicle, he uses two TS-W8102SPL 38cm subwoofers powered by eight PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers, 24 Kinetic batteries and three Ohio Generator 250-amp alternators, producing more than 24,000 watts of power. 

At the Texas Heatwave event held in July, Kyle earned the first place trophy with an SPL score of 174.6 dB.

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Published: 2 October 2005