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Team Pioneer shatters SPL World Record

Daytona Beach - Florida, 5 April 2005
Team Pioneer shatters SPL records at 2005 Spring Break Nationals

Scott Owens and Steve Cook had outstanding results at Spring Break Nationals. In the competition debut of the new Premier SPL amplifiers, Team Pioneer won every competition they entered, set 4 World Records and achieved 3 "Highest Ever's".

Preparing Scott Owens' carSteve Cook is the newest member of Team Pioneer, and was the dB Drag "Extreme Cup" champion from 2004, awarded to the loudest overall competitor at last year's Finals. He has replaced his amplifiers with 16 PRS-D5000SPL's, and will soon replace his woofers as well. Steve is ecstatic about the new amps - in fact, they are so loud it is tearing his van apart. Steve still managed to better his result from last year's Finals, winning the Extreme 3-4 class and setting a new World Record with 175.0dB. In the IASCA dB League (IdBL), Steve also won his class and set a new World Record with 177.1dB.

Scott now has 52 (yes, fifty-two) of the new PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers and 13 TS-W5000SPL woofers, and the results were simply unprecedented. In dB Drag, Scott won the Extreme 5+ class with an incredible 176.6dB - beating the second place finisher by almost 7dB! He also set a new World Record with 175.8dB. In MECA, Scott won 1st place in the X3 class, was the loudest car of the competition, and also set the "Highest Ever Recorded in MECA" with 176.2dB.

IdBL World Record scoreThen, in IdBL he astounded everyone with an unbelievable 179.0dB. According to Head Judge Moe Sabourin, "That was the highest score EVER recorded in IdBL, and actually the highest score EVER recorded on an Audio Control system!" Scott then backed that up with a 178.8dB to set the new IdBL World Record and take the win in Ultimate 4 class.

Unfortunately, Kyle Witherspoon's Extreme 2 class Scion wasn't finished in time to compete at Spring Break Nationals. Kyle will be a tremendous asset to the team, however, and judging by the testing numbers they are doing, he will dominate the
competition just as Scott and Steve are doing.

Lastly, Scott and Steve were the two loudest cars at the show, period. The attitude among the SPL community has changed considerably since we started this project - there were a considerable number of SPL competitors requesting to join Team Pioneer, and all were impressed by the new amplifiers. Everywhere I went, I heard people talking about Pioneer Subwoofers and Amplifiers and how strong the product is.

Scores and Records:

Steve Cook:

  • dB Drag: 1st Place, Extreme 3-4 (175.1, 175.0)
  • dB Drag: World Record, Extreme 3-4 (175.0)

  • IdBL: 1st Place, Ultimate 3 (177.2, 177.1)
  • IdBL: World Record, Ultimate 3 (177.1)

    Scott Owens:
  • dB Drag: 1st Place, Extreme 5+ (175.8, 173.3, 176.6)
  • dB Drag: World Record, Extreme 5+ (175.8)

  • IdBL: 1st Place, Ultimate 4 (179.0, 178.8)
  • IdBL: World Record, Ultimate 4 (178.8)
  • IdBL: Highest Score Ever Recorded in IdBL (179.0)
  • IdBL: Highest Score Ever Recorded on Audio Control System (179.0)

  • MECA: 1st Place, X3 (176.2)
  • MECA: Highest Ever Recorded in MECA (176.2)

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