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MEP-7000 Firmware and Software Downloads

Here you can:

  • Download driver software which enables your MEP-7000 to be connected to a computer.
  • Download the Library Creator software for PC/MAC. This allows you to create a data library of the tracks stored on a USB memory device. (Significantly faster than the MEP-7000).
  • Download the latest firmware for your MEP-7000.

MEP-7000 Driver, Library Creator and Documentation

MEP-7000 Driver

The driver software is for connecting your MEP-7000 / SEP-C1 to a computer.
Make sure that you also read the Driver Installation Guide before installing the driver on your computer.

Library Creator

In order to read external USB drives more quickly, you can use the Library Creator PC/MAC software to create a data library of the tracks stored on the USB memory device. This USB drive can then be connected to your MEP-7000 where you will be able to use the library function to find your music.
Make sure that you also read the instruction manual before installing the application software on your computer.

Model for Windows OS only for MacOS X only
File Name MEP7000_Windows_Version1008.zip


File Size 4,12 MB (4.320.484 bytes) 3,75 MB (3.932.776 bytes)
Zip File Contents MEP-7000 software, Library Creator software and Documentation files
Release Date 8 January 2010
History View change history file

MEP-7000 Firmware

There is no need to perform this upgrade if your product is already equipped with version 2.02 or higher.
Use the attached MEP-7000 Update instructions how to check your current version and how to update your unit.

ModelFirmware linkVersionHistorySize
MEP-7000MEP7000_Ver2.02.zip2.02Update History File2,54 MB (2.665.127 bytes)

From version 2.02 it is possible to search for tracks by inputting keywords that can be found in either the title or artist ID3 tag fields. As this “Keyword search in Library browse mode” is a new product feature, the instruction manuals have been revised. Please use the following link to find the updated product manual