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Pioneer’s rekordbox™ software goes mobile – rekordbox is now available as an iPhone app


Enabling iPhone music management used in DJ play.

21st August, 2012


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Music management for DJs is on the move with the new rekordbox app – the mobile version of Pioneer's music management software. Since its launch in 2008, rekordbox has been popular among users of CDJs. And now the rekordbox app brings a whole new dimension to set preparation and performance, giving DJs mobile access to all the software's key features and functions.

The rekordbox app allows DJs to view beat grids, analyse BPM, load waveforms and set cue and loop points straight from their iPhones. DJs can use the rekordbox app to load tracks and prepare playlists on their iPhones and then wirelessly transfer their creations to their laptops and vice versa.

The rekordbox app can also be used in conjunction with Pioneer’s new XDJ-AERO, the industry’s first Wi-Fi enabled all-in-one DJ system. DJs can load music wirelessly from their smartphones straight to the XDJ-AERO for a truly hassle-free set up.

DJs using the full laptop version of rekordbox software are able to upload tracks and create playlists on their laptops. These playlists can be easily transferred to multi-format players via USB, and then edited on the fly for true spontaneity on the night. Plus, rekordbox’s quantized loops feature means that loops made with rekordbox-ready tracks will be snapped to the beat grid – for perfect loops, every time.

The iPhone and Android versions of the rekordbox app will be available to download FREE OF CHARGE from 21st August 2012. For information on how to download the rekordbox app, visit the official rekordbox website here.

Key features of the rekordbox app


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Manage music on-the-go using smartphone
By downloading the rekordbox app DJs can prepare tracks in transit using their iPhones. DJs can view beat grids, analyse BPM, load waveforms and set cue and loop points from their mobile devices. Plus, they can use the rekordbox app1 to wirelessly transfer music to their iPhones straight from their computers.

Wirelessly sync music to Pioneer’s XDJ-AERO all-in-one DJ system
The rekordbox app allows DJs to sync tracks wirelessly to the new Pioneer XDJ-AERO, the industry’s first Wi-Fi enabled DJ system. A combined player, mixer and MIDI/HID controller, the XDJ-AERO is the all-in-one DJ kit that reveals the rekordbox app’s true potential. DJs can manage their music on the road using their smartphones then wirelessly load their playlists to the XDJ-AERO before each set. 

Plus, the rekordbox app allows DJs to use their iPhones as a remote control for the XDJ-AERO. With the XDJ-AERO in USB mode, DJs can search track lists and load music using their devices’ larger, touch-sensitive screens.

Other features 

  • Music file browser allows DJs to customise the appearance and order of items on the rekordbox app’s display
  • Tracks played on supported DJ equipment – CDJs or the XDJ-AERO – are automatically logged by the rekordbox app and can be saved as playlists
  • Display supports nine languages.

Main specifications – rekordbox app

Supported devices/OS:
iPhone 3GS and above/iPod touch 3rd generation and above / iOS 5 and above.
Selected Android devices.

Supported music file formats:

1 Supported in rekordbox™ version 1.6.0 and above
* iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries
* rekordbox™ is a registered trademark of Pioneer, Inc.


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