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Exclusive, individual and unique: two new limited edition KURO plasma TVs.


From November, two new limited editions of our KURO plasma TVs will be available – the richly nuanced Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG and the pristine White KRP-500AW.

The richly nuanced Beige Griese KRP-500ABG

Unique. Individual. Exclusive.
The Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG

Both models are FULL HD 'HD Ready 1080p' and just 64 mm slim. The Beige Grisé KRP-500ABG will be produced in a limited quanity of 1,000 across Europe whilst just 1,500 pieces of the pristine White KRP-500AW will be available.

With these Limited Edition KURO TVs we want to offer you the opportunity to customise your viewing environment even further by harmonising your TV with your interior design.

The minimalist white and luxurious Beige Grisé KUROs are an excellent means to express one’s individual taste and style. As special as our new colour models are, they both bear all the established hallmarks of a true KURO: exhilarating performance, impressive picture quality and unsurpassed technological mastery.

The KRP-500AW and the KRP-500ABG come with an equally attractive glossy black and whisper-quiet media receiver, which connects to the screen with just a single discreet cable. By eliminating multiple cords running out of the back of the plasma, these models are perfect for wall-mounting and keep your viewing environment uncluttered.

The fascination of colour

The pristine white KRP-500AW KURO

Purity on a level unsurpassed.
The pristine White KRP-500AW

For centuries, artists have used colours to evoke intense emotion.

The Beige Grisé of the KRP-500ABG conveys warmth and refinement in perfect balance, while the clean lines and purist look of the KRP-500AW create a sense of serenity and minimalism.

Distinctive, but never distracting, these frames are contrasted by the depth and intensity of the images on the KURO flat screen.

The KURO, which draws its name from the Japanese word for black, is engineered to generate the deepest of blacks and an unparalleled level of contrast, enabling it to bring every detail and colour vibrantly and brilliantly to life.

This makes viewing more real than ever before, guaranteeing an immersive entertainment experience.

Technological ingenuity

Like their black counterparts, the KURO Limited Edition plasma TVs deliver flicker-free images in razor-sharp 1080p resolution. They are also designed to show movies in Blu-ray format at precisely the cadence at which they were originally filmed and mastered.

These models feature an enhanced Optimum Mode with optical light sensor for automated adjustment of picture settings according to the light conditions in the room and the content on the screen. Additionally, the audio is harmonised with the programme being watched. The plasmas come with an extra colour sensor that measures the colour characteristics of ambient light to provide the finest picture.

The ultimate solution for viewers who prefer their picture untouched, is a PURE AV selection mode that reproduces images as faithfully as possible to the original source material, bypassing all typical picture enhancement processing.

Innovative integration

The KRP-500AW and KRP-500ABG not only feature an integrated analogue tuner, but also a digital terrestrial (DVB-T) tuner and a digital satellite (DVB-S/DVB-S2) tuner. Both models are compliant with the EICTA “HD TV 1080p” minimum requirements, support MPEG-4 high definition decoding and include two integrated common interface slots.

A Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification facilitates the integration of the Limited Edition KURO TVs into a home or local area network, enabling content playback from one or more connected media servers. This media content is directly available trough the plasmas’ intuitive and self-explaining Home Media Gallery.

A well thought out and easy-to-use aluminium preset remote control partly illuminates for increased visibility in darkened rooms and allows the user to operate compatible connected devices thanks to the TVs’ integrated KURO LINK function.


In summary, both models share the following key features:

Ultra black 50’’ ‘HD ready 1080p’ panels PURE AV Mode
Separate media receiver Home Media Gallery
Slim profile of 64mm KURO LINK
SD / HD digital terrestrial and satellite tuners HDMI interface x 4
Enhanced Optimum Mode Aluminium preset remote control
Colour sensor

An optional colour matching swivel stand, a wall bracket and well-designed side speakers will also be available.

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