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Presenting new Slim AV Receivers


Features include unique compact form, quality class D 6 channel 100 W power output and lower power consumption. The VSX-S300 will be available from the end of June, the VSX-S500 will be on sale from August.

22 June 2011


VSX-S500 Slim AV Receiver in a small rack

The height is substantially reduced to just 85 mm, but it offers the same high quality flexibility and sound

The idea behind our 2 new Slim AV Receivers came about after a thorough investigation of the most popular TV and audio racks. A detailed measurement of the height and depth available in a typical rack made it clear that a new sized AV receiver was necessary. Also having found that some are less attracted to AV receivers with a traditional form factor, the Slim AV receiver concept was born.

Both Slim AV receivers are smaller in key dimensions than their bigger brethren, but offer the same high quality flexibility and sound that Pioneer AV receivers are renowned for. The height is substantially reduced, now being just 85 mm, considerably less than with the larger AV receiver series.

Typically, the depth (excluding the additional space taken by knobs and connector terminals) of an AV receiver is 325 mm, but the VSX-S500 and VSX-S300 have a depth of only 280 mm. This leaves plenty of space for connections and wiring at the back of the equipment.


FM Radio built-in

Connect the VSX-S500 to your home network
for internet radio or music from a PC or media server

The smaller form factor was realised without fundamentally compromising on the sizeable number of features, functions and benefits of the Slim AV receivers, quite the contrary:

  • well connected via HDMI. Both receivers have state-of-the-art HDMI connections at the back - 4 inputs, and 1 output, with 3D and ARC support.
  • quality Class D sound. Both offer a power output of 100 W through 6 channels, opening up the possibility of a 5.1 set-up with a passive sub-woofer in one room, or 3.1 channel output in the main room (front L/R, centre and passive sub-woofer) and an optional stereo output in a second room.
  • perfect sound calibration with MCACC. Our celebrated Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration offers automatic room & speaker adjustment with a microphone (included in the package).
  • consume less electricity in ECO mode. Compared to regular receivers both Slim AV receivers have an ultra low power consumption thanks to the use of Class D amplification. There are also further power saving options, reducing the normal power consumption by up to an additional 35 %, activated by pushing the ECO button on the Remote. In this case, only the front speakers and subwoofer remain active, whilst still allowing the user to enjoy the full benefits of great sound.
  • HD Audio Formats Decoding. The new Slim AV receivers are fully equipped to decode all mainstream HD audio formats, including DTS-HD Master Audio, as well as Dolby TrueHD.
  • Wide surround sound with our newly announced “Sound Wing” HVT speakers. These 2 new Slim AV receivers are the first to have a special "Sound Wing" mode built in. It means you can enjoy this new speaker technology with an enhanced immersive sound. The HVT speakers will be demonstrated in quality retail outlets, and will be available from July onwards.
  • Ready for Bluetooth wireless audio streaming. Add our optional AS-BT200 Bluetooth Adapter to either of the Slim AV receivers, and enjoy wireless Bluetooth transfer of audio content from any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or personal computer. And, with our exclusive Sound Retriever AIR technology, specifically designed to enhance Bluetooth audio transmissions, music delivered through Bluetooth sounds impeccable.

Special features that will be available on the VSX-S500: connected to a home network, the VSX-S500 will support playback of music from a PC or media server connected to the same LAN and featuring multimedia server functionality. Also included: Internet radio, front USB input for advanced digital audio connectivity, as well as video scaling up to 1080p (on HDMI), and compatibility with Pioneer’s optional wireless LAN converter (AS-WL300).

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