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Discover our new Sound Wing loudspeakers featuring unique HVT technology


We announce the launch of the brand new Sound Wing loudspeakers. These are breakthrough new speakers that produce an amazingly immersive sound from a very flat and simple design.

11 May 2011

The new Sound Wing speakers will be launched in 2 form factors: a multi-speaker integrated bar type and a satellite type, both ideal for use near or around a television as part of a home cinema system or an AV receiver package. They will be available from July 2011.


S-HV500-LR HVT Sound Wing satellite speakers

The S-HV500-LR HVT satellite speakers will blend easily into any interior

The double sided HVT 360° soundscape

With traditional speakers, the 'driving force' - the magnets that make the speaker diaphragm move and make the speaker function - works in the same plane as the diaphragm. This leads to the creation of larger boxes as more space is required, hence the tradition of large and heavy speakers. The originality of the HVT technology (standing for Horizontal-Vertical-Transforming) is that the 'driving force' works at 90° to the speaker cone, reducing the depth normally occupied by the magnets.

Combined with the use of a flat diaphragm, this means that the speakers can be made much thinner while still keeping a large excursion. This enabled our engineers to put double sided drivers in a single speaker enclosure to create full and unique 360° soundscape for these specific models.

Extra flexible satellite speaker installation

It's made for those who say "I can't install a Home Theatre in my house!"

A major bonus of the Sound Wing speakers is that they can for example be placed nearly anywhere nearby a TV and still reproduce a full sound and this no matter where the listener is in the room. Even if an object is partially blocking the direct-line-of-sight, or when it is not possible to position the satellite speaker in a nice symmetrical “brochure set-up”, a rich and immersive sound can be heard.

Larger listening sweet spot

With conventional speakers, sound is quite directional and is heavily influenced by where they are placed. They have to be at the same level and in a particular position in the room. And even then, they generate just a small sweet spot, and only one or two people can hear the ideal sound. This is not the case with Sound Wing speakers, which are very flexible and forgiving. They produce a sweet spot that is ultra wide which means that the whole family, and guests too, can enjoy the full sound experience.

The elegantly sleek bar-style speaker S-HV600B


S-HV600B HVT Sound Wing slim sound bar speakers

The S-HV600B "sound bar" speaker is just 25.5 mm thick

Made to come in front of a flat screen panel on a cabinet or go underneath it on the wall, the new S-HV600B is just 25.5 mm thick, and the dimensions are just 900 x 66 x 93 mm even with the stand included. It integrates two 57 x 30 mm double sided drivers with HVT technology, and two Softdome tweeters – one set pointing forards / one set backwards – at either side of the wing.

The superslim satellite-style speakers S-HV500-LR

The discrete satellite speakers are very compact, and only 37 mm thick. With total dimensions – the foot not included - of 207 x 91 x 37 mm, they will easily blend into the interior. Equipped with 57 x 30 mm double sided drivers with HVT technology and a Softdome tweeter on both sides, the sound is unexpectedly rich for such a small package. They come with a chrome finishing base.

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