Pioneer launches 3 models of STEEZ audio for dancers

Pioneer has launched the STEEZ culture brand for street dancers and introduces 3 different product genres: special dancer function audioplayers, club-style personal music players and matching headphones- they are based on Pioneer's renowned expertise in the world of DJ and home audio.

2 September 2011

In recent years, the popularity of street dance has increased all around the world with many organised performances and events.
Pioneer incorporated the opinions of celebrated street dancers when developing the 3 STEEZ products. They are loaded with functions that meet the needs of dancers all across the world: besides a rich low-pass playback, the STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ HEADPHONES bring out the beat in a tune making it easy to capture the dance tempo.
The STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ PORTABLE also play back mixes without pauses between the tracks and you can adjust playback speed without changing the key. These functions can be used for music tracks which are analysed using Pioneer's new MIXTRAX music management application.
As well as introducing the STEEZ brand to the market for street dancers worldwide, Pioneer will also contribute to street dance culture together with the dancers by organizing a series of dance events and workshops.

The compact STZ-D10S

which is easy to carry.

The rainproof STZ-D10T

for street use, which is equipped to protect against impact.

The rainproof STZ-D10Z

which delivers both significant power and mega volume.


Main features of STEEZ AUDIO

  • First in the industry equipped with an Auto Battle Mode making it easy to enjoy dance battles, set to the same genre of music tracks. It picks up tracks fitting the selected genre, plays back a mix of similar tracks, keeps a countdown and signals the end of performance time.
  • DJ MIX Mode in which the AUDIO automatically chooses and plays back tracks that match the selected dance genre, such as hip hop or break dance.
  • Tempo Control Function for adjusting the tempo of the song, allowing the adjustment of the playback speed without changing the key. Ideal to drop the speed for the rehearsal.
  • Dance CUE Function to enable playback from a preset point in a track with a single touch. Also equipped with an Eight Skip Function for fast forwarding and reversing by the eight-beat units that make up the choreography of a dance track.
  • Built-in iPod dock which enables you to connect your iPod to listen to music.
  • Compatible with Pioneer’s new MIXTRAX application for managing music tracks on a PC, which analyses the tracks stored in the PC and transfers them to the internal memory of the STEEZ AUDIO.

MIXTRAX will be available as a free download from the Pioneer website as of September 29.

other features

  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors as it is compatible with both AC and battery power.
  • Supports three types of input (USB, external input, iPod dock) in addition to the built-in memory.
  • Includes preset tracks so you can use dancer functions immediately after purchase.


A non-stop Mix Player capable of mixed playback of automatically selected tracks. Compatible with the MIXTRAX application for managing music tracks on a PC.

Its main features are:

  • Tempo Control Search Function for automatically selecting tracks with the same tempo and for adjusting playback speed without changing the key.
  • Bookmarking Function which lets you add your favourite tracks easily to your own playlist while playing with one push of the button. If you connect the player to STEEZ AUDIO, you can rehearse dance routines using the playlist of your bookmarked favourites.
  • Easy-to-operate touch panel interface.
  • Compatible with Pioneer's new MIXTRAX application for managing tracks on a PC, which analyses the tracks stored in the PC and transfers them to the internal memory of the STEEZ PORTABLE.

MIXTRAX will be available as a free download from the Pioneer website as of September 29.

  • Compatible with a USB charger


offering a sound quality suited to dance music

Main features are:

  • Deliver suitable sound quality for dance music by adopting a large 40 mm diameter speaker unit and light-weight voice coils.
  • Exchangeable coloured ear pads included. Two different coloured ear pads are included in addition to the standard ear pads.
  • Using a 1.2 m single-sided cord that will not get in the way of walking or when putting on or taking off the headphones. An extension cord (2.0m) for use with indoor AV equipment is also included.

Other features:

  • Can be folded small for storage.
  • Compatible with different monitoring styles thanks to a Housing Reversal Mechanism and Swivel Mechanism.


Music Management Application

Main features are:

  • Analyses not just dance music but many other kinds of music as well, based on beat positions, melody, chorus and other properties.
  • You can import analysed files into STEEZ AUDIO or STEEZ PORTABLE and enjoy features for dancers, such as Non-stop Mix Play and Tempo Control.
  • Non-stop Mix Play plays music mixes without interruption.
  • Allows you to create libraries for music management.
  • Lets you share analysed tracks with other users on the Pioneer Music Server and save tracks already analysed.
  • More info on STEEZ products and events coming soon.