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DJM-2000 nexus - Flagship 4-channel DJ mixer


Sync Master / Beat Slice / Quantise / Beat Effects / Studio-quality Instant FX / PRO DJ Link via LAN connection / Live Sampler / Three performance modes / 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch screen / Peak Limiter / High performance channel faders / Built-in USB soundcard / Talk-over function / 3-band isolator EQ

NEW Beat Slice

To sample and slice tracks on the fly for spontaneous creativity.

Frequency Remix

Seven-band touch cross fader so DJs can choose which frequencies are in the mix.

ProDJ Link via LAN

Enables a smooth link with up to four CDJ players/turntables and two laptops.

Quantise Beat Effects

Rekordbox BPM and beat grid information is retreived to automatically sync all beat effects in perfect time with the mix.

Side Chain Remix

Borrowing technology from the groundbreaking RMX-1000 remix station, to deliver louder side chain oscillators and multiple effect chaining.

MIDI mode

to control PCs or laptops running almost every DJ software on the market.

Watch and enjoy the demo video