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2 Channel Effects Mixer (Pearl White)

Take a step towards professional DJ mixing.

With features found on our high-end club products such as powerful creative effects and new unique ones such as USB recording, the DJM-350 is the perfect starting DJ's mixer.

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Effects include Noise, Short Echo, Jet, Noise and a high/low-pass filter. Intuitive controls allow you to alter sounds so you can add personal, original arrangements to your mixes.

The 3-band isolator type EQ gives you channel-independent, broad-range control in HI, MID and LOW. This means you stay in charge of your sound for every channel.

Record directly to USB

Does your mix deserve to live on? With the USB port featured on the DJM-350, you can record directly to a USB storage device without having to use a computer or recording device. Music is stored as high quality WAV files and you can add track marks as you play directly on the mixer. When you're done, you can easily import and edit your mix in your computer afterwards.

Experience the high fidelity design of the DJM series. The analogue signal is converted to digital via the shortest of circuits, and all signal processing is performed by a high-performance DSP that minimises noise. This gives you clear and clean sound.

Other features include:

  • Connection for portable audio players
  • Peak level meters per channel
  • Crossfader Curve Adjustment
  • P-LOCK Fader Cap to prevent fader caps from slipping off

Discover the matching CDJ-350 Player - the perfect partner for your DJM-350.

The DJM-350 is also available in black.

Killer features

• P-LOCK Fader Cap to prevent fader caps from slipping off
• 48 kHz / 24-bit Digital Signal Processor
• Built-In USB Wav Recorder With Track Marks
• Noise, Short Echo, Filter & Jet FX
• Mic/Aux Input With 2-Band EQ
• Crossfader Curve Adjustment
• Crossfader Start
• 3-Band Isolator Channel EQ