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9.2 Channel THX Select2 Plus, Air Studios AV Receiver with 8x HDMI, 4K Pass Through, WLAN and MHL for Android (Black)


Advanced home cinema for surround sound perfectionists.

Our LX receivers are engineered according to a strict design philosophy that aims to bring studio quality sound to your living room. Using only high-end components – each rigorously calibrated and tuned – this system allows you to experience film and music exactly as the creators intended.

The SC-LX76-K realises true simultaneous multi-channel high power output, incorporating Direct Energy HD Class D amplification, THX Select2 Plus certification and legendary sound-tuning from AIR Studios. The result is stunning sound quality that guarantees a genuine, class-leading home cinema surround sound experience.

Experience your music like never before with HTC Connect. More info.

update 21 Dec. 2012: Firmware update to enable gapless playback.

Massive power

audiophile level Class D amplification brings you unprecedented power output. Short signal paths ensure impeccable sound, while efficient cooling provides superior performance with lower power consumption (-44% vs analogue amps). Now with 4-16Ω speaker support.

Built for tomorrow's HD technology

Experience real definition with the latest 4K HDTV specification for ultra-high resolution video. 4K Pass Through ensures you have the most up-to-date technology to take advantage of advanced digital formats.

Connect your Android smartphone with MHL

Stream high-quality video and audio from your Android device using a single cable. Thanks to the MHL-compatible HDMI connection on the front panel, you also can charge your device at any time.

Image optimised for you

Advanced Video Adjust optimises the video signal according to your type of screen or projector. Based on MCACC calibration data, it also adjusts image quality to your distance from the screen.
The additional Stream Smoother will reduce block noise and mosquito noise on lower bit rate video content such as YouTube.

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Strong bass & sharp highs

During Blu-ray Disc/CD playback, Auto Phase Control Plus makes a real-time analysis of the phase difference between the LFE (low frequency effect) and the main signals, and automatically compensates the gap. Elimination of phase lag enhances strong bass and clear high-frequency sound.

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Less jitter, better audio

Transmission via HDMI can cause clock jitter, resulting in sound distortion during the D/A conversion. PQLS “speed synchronises” the digital audio data between the receiver and your matching Pioneer Blu-ray player, reducing the jitter. The result is clear, rich and precise audio.

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Stream with DLNA

DLNA is widely supported on PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices. As this receiver is DLNA certified, you can easily stream audio from such a device using your home network.

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Stream with AirPlay

Apple's AirPlay lets you stream music from any compatible device connected to your home network. This means you can easily enjoy your iTunes music library through your AV receiver.

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Always in full control

iControlAV2012 lets you modify all important receiver functions from your smartphone or tablet (iOS / Android).
Featuring Virtual Speakers and PQLS, it even allows you to define EQ frequencies by drawing out 'curves' on your smartphone's touchscreen.

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for HD audio & video perfection
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Main FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Direct Energy HD amplifierYes
Input Connections• 8 x HDMI (1080p upscaling)
• 4 x Composite
• 3 x Component
• 2 x Coaxial
• 2 x Optical
• 1 x USB host
• 1 x iPod/iPhone Digital via USB (cable included)
• 1 x Ethernet
• 1 x Bluetooth adapter port for AS-BT200
• 1 x rear USB charge port for AS-WL300 Wireless Converter
Stand-by Pass ThroughYes
4K Pass ThroughYes
Firmware updatesYes (via Internet or USB)
Internet RadioYes
DLNA CertifiedYes (v1.5)
Input & Output connectionsSC-LX76-K
Bluetooth Adapter PortYes
Digital Coaxial Input/Output2/- (assignable)
IR In/Out2/1
Large speaker terminalsYes
Pre-amp Output Yes, All (11.2 ch)
Apple CompatibilitySC-LX76-K
Works with iPadYes
iPhone Control ButtonYes
Surround Sound FormatsSC-LX76-K
Dolby Pro Logic IIxYes
Dolby True HDYes
DTS Neo XYes
DTS-HD Master AudioYes
THX CertifiedYes (THX Select2 Plus)
Surround Modes15 + 1 for Phones
Audio FeaturesSC-LX76-K
AM/FM Tuner with RDSYes
Stream DirectYes
Symmetric EQYes
Virtual HeightYes
Video FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Deep ColourYes
HD Digital Film Direct 24Yes
Upscaling to 1080pYes
HDMI Standby Input SwitchingYes
Power Output SC-LX76-K
Power output per channel180W
Condition1kHz, 1% THD, 6Ω
Rated Power Output180W per channel
Advanced Direct ConstructionYes
AIR Studio Sound TuningYes
Amplifier SpecificationsSC-LX76-K
Digital Signal Processor2 x Texas Instruments Aureus(TM) TMS320DA808
D/A Converter192 kHz / 32-bit
Main FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Output Power per Channel180W
Impedance at Output Level
Number of Channels9
4Ω Speaker SupportYes
Output Connections• 3 x HDMI
• 3 x Composite
• 1 x Component
• 1 x Optical
• 2 x Subwoofer pre out
File PlaybackVia LAN / USB:
• MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless

192 kHz/24-Bit Audio playback:
• Apple Lossless
MHL Terminal for Android SmartphonesYes
Control with HDMIYes
On-Screen Display (GUI)7 languages via HDMI only:
• English
• Dutch
• French
• German
• Italian
• Spanish
• Russian
Remote ControlIlluminated, learning remote control
Input & Output connectionsSC-LX76-K
HDMI Input/Output8 (7 assignable) /3
Speaker A/BVersatile speaker configuration
USB Host (Front)Yes
Apple CompatibilitySC-LX76-K
Works with iPhoneYes
Compatible Generations• iPod touch 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G
• iPod Nano 6G (audio), 5G, 4G, 3G
• iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G,
• iPad, iPad 2 (cable included)
Supported Functions• Audio & video playback
• On-screen album art
• Charging
Network FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Wireless LANYes (converter included)
Surround Sound FormatsSC-LX76-K
Dolby DigitalYes
Dolby Digital EXYes
Dolby Digital PlusYes
Dolby Pro Logic IIYes
Dolby Pro Logic IIzYes
DTS 96/24Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution AudioYes
Audio FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Phase ControlYes
Auto Phase Control Plus Yes
Full Band Phase ControlYes
MCACCYes (Advanced, 9-band)
Advanced Sound RetrieverYes (Multi-channel)
Sound Retriever AIRYes
Sound Retreiver linkYes
Virtual DepthYes
Virtual Surround BackYes
Video FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Advanced Video AdjustYes
Stream SmootherYes
Power Output SC-LX76-K
Power Consumption (in use / standby)370 W / 0.1 W
Auto Power DownYes
Amplifier SpecificationsSC-LX76-K
Weight17.7 kg
Main FeaturesSC-LX76-K
RF RemoteYes (optional)
Input & Output connectionsSC-LX76-K
HDMI Front InputYes
Air JamYes
Surround Sound FormatsSC-LX76-K
Audio FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Multizone FunctionYes (4)
PQLSBit-stream / Multi-surround / 2-channel
Sound Delay (LipSync)Yes
Standing Wave ControlYes
Virtual WideYes
Design• 3-D Space Frame Construction
• Insulated Dual Chassis
• Trans-stabiliser
Amplifier SpecificationsSC-LX76-K
Dimensions (W x H x D)435 x 185 x 441 mm
Main FeaturesSC-LX76-K
I/P Control for CIYes
HD Audio Formafts• Dolby TrueHD
• DTS-HD Master Audio
• DTS-HD High Resolution
Audio Return ChannelYes
Input & Output connectionsSC-LX76-K
Component Video Input/Output3/1 (assignable)
Composite Input/Output4/3 (1 for Zone 2/3)
Digital Optical Input/Output2/1 (assignable)
AVNavigatorfor PC & iPad
Apple CompatibilitySC-LX76-K
Works with iPodYes (cable included)
Audio FeaturesSC-LX76-K
Tuner Pre-set Stations63
Auto Level ControlYes (Multi-channel)
Auto SurroundYes
Dialogue EnhancementYes
Digital Noise ReductionYes
DSD-to-PCM ConvertorYes (Multi-channel)
Dynamic Range ControlYes
Headphone SurroundYes
Front Stage Surround AdvanceYes
Jitter ReductionYes
Video FeaturesSC-LX76-K
3D ReadyYes
HDMI Standby ThroughYes
Power Output SC-LX76-K
Power RequirementsAC 220 - 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Amplifier SpecificationsSC-LX76-K
A/D Converter192 kHz / 24-bit