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Bass Reflex Sub (1200W)


Tight, punchy and powerful bass.

Constructed with thick MDF board for assured strength and stability, the TS-WX303 bass reflex sub has a well-tuned bass reflex port to reproduce powerful bass tones.

IMPP ConeNow with an increased power handling capability of 1200W, it features an Injection Moulded Polypropylene (IMPP™) cone, constructed from a composite blend of interlaced, Aramid fibres. This makes it extremely rigid, yet lightweight, for low distortion and powerful bass at high sound press levels.

The TS-WX303 has an extended, vented pole yoke, delivering a vast improvement in linearity.

Be sure to see our GM-3400T amplifier, the ideal complement to the TS-WX303 for an optimal in-car sound experience.


Maximum input power1.200 W
Sensitivity (1W/1m)98 dB
Woofer size30,0 cm
Woofer materialIMPP composite cone woofer with Strontium magnet
Thiele/Small ParametersTS-WX303
Fs [Hz] 23,9
Zmax [Ω]63,500
Cms [m/N]0,00027
Nominal input power250 W
Thiele/Small ParametersTS-WX303
Vas [l]59,16
Vd [l]0,245
Vd [ft3]0,00982
Sd [m2]0,0471
Sd [ft2]0,447
Revc [Ω]3,3
Levc [mH] (2000Hz)3,160
Xmax [in]0,23
Hvc [mm] 18
Hvc [In] 0,720
VC.Diameter [mm]40
Eff [%]0,17
Sp. Displacement [ft3]0,047
Q0 (in Cabinet)0,798
Frequency response10 - 220 Hz
Pole Yoke TypeExtended and Vented pole yoke
Dimensions 482 x 372,6 x 366,8 mm
Thiele/Small ParametersTS-WX303
Nom. Dia.(In)10
Vas [ft3]2,09
Xmax [mm]5,9
BI [Tm]11,020
Mms [g]123,23
Flux Density [Gauss]3950
Hag [mm]6
Hag [In]0,236
S.P.L. [dB]93.0 (1W)
R.M.S.Power [W]200
M.M.P. [W]1000
Sp. Displacement [l]1,33
Recom. Enclosure [l] 22,6
Recom. Enclosure [ft3]0,80
F0 (in Cabinet)45,4