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5.1 Channel AV Receiver with 4x HDMI, HD Audio & MCACC speaker setup


Amazing value for money.

The essentials of HD home cinema made affordable: that's the VSX-422. It lets you enjoy immersive 5.1 HD Surround Sound.
Phase Control eliminates lag between the 5 channels and significantly improves multi-channel sound when watching movies.

You can also use it as the centre of your audio setup for gaming or home DJing. With 5 HD inputs including 4 x HDMI, you are equipped for many sources.

True home cinema

Benefit from a lively, sensory experience with 5.1 HD virtual 3D sound. The 5 speakers and powerful subwoofer fill the space with superior quality audio and transform your living area into a genuine home cinema.

Level your sound experience

As volume levels frequently vary depending on your audio source, you often find yourself making manual adjustments to re-calibrate the audio output. The Auto Level Control feature detects the difference and automatically re-aligns the volume level for you.

High-definition audio

Besides Dolby Pro Logic II, the receiver supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio so you can enjoy uncompressed, high-definition audio from Blu-ray discs as well.

AM/FM tuner built-in

No need to add an AM/FM tuner component. This receiver comes with a tuner and 30 built-in, pre-set stations so that you can effortlessly enjoy your favourite radio stations.

The latest HDMI technology

This AV receiver can play 3D video from a Blu-ray disc. Other convenient features include an Audio Return Channel for televisions with a built-in DVD player or tuner, for example.

Aligning channels

Phase Control manages the time and phase response of the speakers to minimise the effect of additional sound delays, usually due to the filtering process of multi-channel recordings. By combining our AV receivers and speakers that support Phase Control, multi-channel sound is reproduced faithful to the original source.

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Main FeaturesVSX-422-K
Remote ControlYes
Power Output VSX-422-K
Power Consumption (in use / standby)415 W / 0,45 W
Auto Power DownYes
Main FeaturesVSX-422-K
Output Power per Channel130W
Impedance at Output Level
Input Connections• 4 x HDMI
• 2 x Composite
• 1 x Coaxial (Assignable)
• 1 x Digital Optical (Assignable)
Output Connections• 1 x HDMI
• 1 x Composite
• 2 x pre out (Subwoofer & Surr Back/Front Height)
Surround Sound FormatsVSX-422-K
Dolby DigitalYes
Dolby Digital PlusYes
Dolby Pro Logic IIYes
Dolby Pro Logic IIxYes
Dolby Pro Logic IIzYes
DTS Neo: 6Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution AudioYes
DTS-HD Master AudioYes
Surround Modes9 + 1 for Phones
Audio FeaturesVSX-422-K
AM/FM Tuner with RDSYes
Tuner Pre-set Stations30
Auto Level ControlYes (2 channel)
Auto SurroundYes
DSD-to-PCM ConvertorYes (2 channel)
Dynamic Range ControlYes
Headphone SurroundYes
Front Stage Surround AdvanceYes
Phase ControlYes
Video FeaturesVSX-422-K
3D ReadyYes
DesignDiscrete Amplification Type
Amplifier SpecificationsVSX-422-K
Digital Signal ProcessorTexas Instruments AureusTM TMS320DA808
D/A Converter192 kHz / 24-bit
A/D Converter96 kHz / 24-bit
Dimensions (W x H x D)435 x 168 x 342.5 mm
Weight8.7 kg
Main FeaturesVSX-422-K
Number of Channels5
HD Audio FormaftsDolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
Audio Return ChannelYes
On-Screen Display (GUI)OSD Analog only in English
Input & Output connectionsVSX-422-K
Composite Input/Output2/1
Digital Optical Input/Output1/- (assignable)
Digital Coaxial Input/Output1/- (assignable)
HDMI Input/Output4/1
Pre-amp Output Yes
Surround Sound FormatsVSX-422-K
Dolby Digital EXYes
Audio FeaturesVSX-422-K
Midnight Listening ModeYes
Sound Delay (LipSync)Yes
Advanced Sound RetrieverYes (2 channel)
Stream DirectYes
Symmetric EQYes
Video FeaturesVSX-422-K
Deep ColourYes
Input & Output connectionsVSX-422-K
Surround Sound FormatsVSX-422-K
Dolby True HDYes
DTS 96/24Yes
Power Output VSX-422-K
Power output per channel130W
Condition1kHz, 1% THD, 6Ω
Rated Power Output130W per channel
Power RequirementsAC 220 - 230 V / 50/60 Hz