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Subaru Legacy (-2006/-2010)

Installation Accessories

Integration accessories (Hard wired remotes, antenna adaptors,..)

Integration Accessories help you to get the most out of your Pioneer car stereo or GPS.

Types of accessories

  • Steering Wheel Control Interfaces:
    • Type 1: to control the unit with the orginal Steering Wheel Control Buttons.
    • Type 2: to control the unit with the orginal Steering Wheel Control Buttons and provides Speedpulse, Handbrake and Reverse Gear Signal for the Navigation System.
  • Antenna adaptors (Active / Passive): to improve the antenna reception of your Car Stereo or GPS.

Model Preview imageManualDescription
Hard Wired Remote for Subaru
DownloadHW interface for cars without telephone buttons

Car Fascia Plates

A fascia plate helps you to seamlessly fit a Car Stereo or GPS system into the dashboard of your car.


There are two sizes of car stereos available: 1-DIN and 2-DIN (double-din).

  • 1-DIN is the size of a standard car stereo, 180mm x 50 mm
  • 2-DIN relates to the size of 2 standard car stereos (on top of each other), 180 x 100mm.

We offer different kits, depending on the

  • type of your car
  • presence of automatic or manual aircon
  • dashboard colour
  • presence of an OEM (orignally installed) audio system.

So check the remarks to decide which Car Fascia Plate is the best for your car.

ModelPreview ImageManualRemark
Kit without plastic frame for usage with OEM 2 Din kit

Car speaker shortlist

We don't have any specifc speaker recommendations for this car, but you can browse all speakers which will fit here.

Alternatively, you can contact a Pioneer Car Specialist for a recommendation or custom solution.