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Mise à jour de programmes et logiciels pour CDJ-400

Here you can:

  • Download firmware for your CDJ-400, making it functional as a controller for use with DJ Software Applications *1.

    This firmware will also improves the Audio Transfer when using the internal sound card with ASIO drivers, along with various other known bugs
    This firmware is only required if your CDJ-400 is lower than version 1.30.

  • Download driver software which enables your CDJ-400 to be connected to a Windows PC. If you use a Macintosh, which has MacOS X 10.3.8 or above, you don’t need this driver.

Simply follow the 4 steps below:

1. Check which version of the CDJ-400 you own:

  • Turn your CDJ-400 on
  • Press and hold the RELOOP/EXIT button for 10 seconds.
  • The system version will show on the display.
  • If your firmware version is 1.30 or above, you do not need to update your CDJ-400.
  • To exit, turn the power off.

2. Download the firmware:

  • You can download the firmware and use either a USB memory device or your CD-R/RW drive to burn the firmware to a CD-R Disc. You can then use the USB stick or disc to update your CDJ-400.
  • If you use a USB memory device, it should be formatted in FAT or FAT32
  • If you use a CD-R or CD-RW, you will require a CD-R/RW Drive, CD-R/RW Writing Software and one unused CD-R or a CD-RW disc.
Model CDJ-400
*If your existing firmware version is 1.30 or more, it is not necessary to update the firmware version
File Name/File Size for Windows OS only for Windows and MacOS X
1.15 MB (1.210.846 bytes)

1.15 MB (1.209.857 bytes)

Control manual Control installation guides are available here.
Release Date September 2008
Update Contents

History file

  • Double click your downloaded file to extract the firmware.
  • Specify a folder for the extracted files. If you don't specify a folder, the extracted files will be placed in the same folder as the downloaded file.
  • After extraction, you will see the file:
    File size: 4.21MB (4,424,180 bytes)
  • Copy this file to your USB memory device or disc (it is essential that you do not change the file name).

3. Update the firmware on your CDJ-400

  • With power turned OFF, remove any connected USB memory or computer, and confirm that no discs are loaded. While simultaneously holding the TIME MODE/AUTO CUE button and RELOOP/EXIT buttons, set power to ON.
  • When "DOWNLOAD" appears in the display, remove your fingers from the TIME MODE/AUTO CUE button and RELOOP/EXIT button.
  • Insert the USB memory or disc containing the firmware update file.

    • The progress of the update will be indicated in the display.
    • Do not turn power OFF while the update process is continuing
    • Update will be completed in about 1 minute.
    • When the update is completed, the display will show "COMPLETE."
      • If the update was performed from USB memory, turn the power OFF before disconnecting the USB memory. If the update was performed from a disc, the disc holder will open automatically to eject the disc; remove the disc and turn the power off.
      • This completes the update procedure.

      Helpful tips:

      • Follow the above procedure closely to perform the update.
      • Never turn off or disconnect power, or remove a disc while update is in progress.
      • If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact our service desk.
      • If "ERROR" appears in the display, stop the operation, turn off the power, and consult our service desk.

      4. Driver Software Download

      The driver software is for connecting your CDJ-400 to a computer.

      Driver Software
      File Name CDJ400_1.007_Driver.exe
      File Size 0,99 MB (1.046.695 bytes)
      Release Date 19 September 2008
      History View change history file

      Download Driver installation guides.