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Pioneer takes Plasma to another level with High Definition Processing

IFA, Berlin: 29 August 2003
Pioneer takes Plasma to another level with High Definition Processing

Pioneer, a global leader in plasma technology, today unveils its new PureVision multimedia plasma televisions, the Pioneer PDP-504HDE and PDP-434HDE. Showcasing Pioneer's new and exclusive digital image processing engine, PURE Drive, the ultra-thin, ultra-sleek plasma TVs boast vividly sharp and clear, noise-free images with improved contrast and an amazing reproduction of one billion colours. This technology is combined with a Home Gallery application, PC Card slot and the option to attach a digital TV receiver, high-end DVD recorder/player, games console or camcorder directly to the plasma TVs. Pioneer PureVision plasma televisions will become the perfect canvas for a multitude of multimedia imagery.

"Pioneer's vision for the digital home experience places plasma technology at the hub," says Marnix Somers, Director, Consumer Plasma Division, Pioneer Europe NV. "The dramatic growth in consumer usage of plasma TVs over the past few years demonstrates that plasma is certain to become an integral part of everyday life. With the launch of these two new products, Pioneer has responded to consumer demand for improved picture imaging, panel technology and the integration of the plasma television at the centre of the home entertainment experience.

Striking design
Available in a stylish gloss black frame, both the PDP-504HDE and the PDP-434HDE wide-screen televisions are an amazing 9.8cm thin. Pioneer's exclusive new PURE Drive digital image processing technology - bringing to the screen High Definition (HD) images from any resolution source - combined with digital flicker-free technology to deliver a super-bright, high-resolution plasma TV viewing experience. They can be wall-mounted or set on a table top or floor stand.

Extensive multimedia capabilities
The Pioneer multimedia plasma TVs come complete with a multimedia viewer that allows users to insert a memory card into an optional card reader to enjoy JPEG digital stills, including an exclusive collection of Pioneer's digital art Home Gallery images(*). To meet growing consumer demands for a one-stop home entertainment centre, games consoles, computers or handheld camcorders can now be directly attached to the Pioneer plasma TVs to allow high-quality viewing. In addition, a pair of side-mounted speakers that can be joined into a single, horizontally mountable speaker unit, are optionally available to create an unrivalled listening experience.

Pioneer's advanced PDP-R04E Multimedia Receiver further extends viewing options and entertainment possibilities to include enhanced analogue TV programme reception, digital noise reduction, subwoofer output, headphone output and newly developed Teletext.

Expanding the capabilities of the plasma TV, users can display two separate sources at once by using the Dual Screen function. This enables users to check an outdoor security camera while enjoying a movie for example, or watch a cookery programme while displaying the ingredients on Teletext.

Advanced technical specifications
Pioneer PureVision plasma televisions provide the best in panel, picture processing, interface and implementation technologies utilising several key technologies:

  • Best panel technology: Pioneer's advanced panel technology significantly increases the resolution of the image. Pioneer has combined True XGA Resolution with its unique Deep Waffle Rib plasma cell structure to deliver the most faithful image reproduction possible with superb brightness and high screen resolution.
    The PDP-434HDE includes a true XGA resolution (1024 X 768 pixels) whilst the PDP-504HDE offers a true wide XGA resolution (1280 X 768 pixels).
    Pioneer's Pure Colour Filter II ensures minimal reflection and maximum colour by reducing the unnecessary frequency components of red, green and blue signals, naturally and faithfully reproducing all the colours of the original image. New and improved blue and green phosphors have also been employed improving brightness by some 10% compared to the previous generation. A new best-in-class level of 1000 cd/m2 for the 50 inch PDP-504HDE and 1100 cd/m2 for the 43 inch PDP-434HDE has been established.

  • Best picture processing technology: Pioneer's unique HD processing technology enhances even standard resolution source images. This technology also supports JPEG picture viewing, PC input and Internet browsing. Pioneer has added its Super CLEAR Drive to the new plasma TVs to improve the colours displayed by increasing the Grey Scale (1024 intensity levels for each of the 3 basic colours - RGB - giving more than one billion colours). In addition, the Super CLEAR Drive intelligently uses smaller stepping levels in the low brightness section realising a "blacker" black. The plasma TVs also include full digital picture processing to allow greater control of noise and cross interference. Pioneer's digital flicker-free technology is essential for high quality, stable images and is based upon intelligently creating the ideal image refresh rate for a given image source.

    MPEG induced Noise Reduction that currently exists in Pioneer's high-end DVD players is now being used in Pioneer's new Plasma TVs to improve images from MPEG based sources (e.g. DVD or DVB) and provide the best possible picture. Compared to conventional digital noise reduction systems that mistake tricky elements from the original source, Pioneer's Digital Noise Reduction controls these mistakes at the base level to reproduce images faithful to the original.

  • Best interfacing technology: As the heart of the home entertainment centre, Pioneer's PDP-504HDE and PDP-434HDE plasma TVs enable interfacing to a variety of applications: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), digital video interface with sound, PAL progressive input, NTSC progressive input and PC Card slot. The HDMI allows customers to enjoy highest fidelity uncompressed digital video and audio quality from original sources without the fuss of complicated or confusing cable connections.

  • Best implementation: Pioneer has adapted the design of its new plasma TVs to add extra functionality. They now include a new "Home Menu" graphical user interface with highly intuitive and attractive graphics and remote control unit that bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "easy to use". The sound quality can be enhanced through the addition of a subwoofer. Pioneer has adapted its new consumer plasma TVs to feature low power consumption and noise.

The Pioneer PDP-504HDE will be available from mid-November 2003 and PDP-434HDE will be available from mid-October 2003.

(*) Option supplied with the first 10k shipments.

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About Pioneer
Pioneer Corporation is a global leader in electronics and audio/video products for the home, car, commerce and industry, particularly in the two core multimedia technologies - DVD and plasma display panels (PDP). Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: PIO), Euronext Amsterdam, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Osaka Securities Exchange.