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Information on HDCP Compatibility issue whilst connected to Sky HD Box

UK customers owning a Pioneer Plasma TV, with a confirmed HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Compatibility issue, following connection to a Sky HD Box, will be entitled to an FOC repair undertaken by a Pioneer Plasma Authorised Service Centre. The repair is regardless of model or whether the Plasma TV is in or out of warranty. Pioneer GB Limited or one of its Plasma Authorised Service Centres must confirm the HDCP Compatibility issue. For further information see the Q&A below.

In the interim, we advise UK customers to use component when connecting their Plasma TV to a Sky HD box rather than HDMI.

If you are a UK customer who has experienced the above issue please contact Pioneer Customer Relations on 01753 789500 during office hours, Mon-Fri only.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Pioneer. Therefore Pioneer offers the repair even though the source of this error has not yet been found, however this is a goodwill gesture and is made without any admission of liability on the part of Pioneer. Customers' statutory rights are unaffected.

This statement is dated 20 th July 2006 and may be subject to change pending the outcome of the investigation, the cause and the remedy.

Questions and Answers and a description of what we mean by HDCP Compatibility Issue

Q: How does the issue manifest itself?

A: You will have seen a message appear on your screen saying ‘This display does not support HDCP. Please disconnect your HDMI connection.'

Q: What does this mean?

A: HDCP means High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. The message is saying that a copy protected High Definition signal, when connected to a Sky HD Box, could in some instances result in no picture or an error message as detailed above. Our understanding at present is that if you see this message it indicates limited functionality of the HDMI input within the plasma or its associated media receiver, but at this stage we are unaware of the cause or remedy.

Q: What do I do now?

A: Firstly switch off all the units (Plasma, Sky HD Box and others). Then please disconnect your HDMI cable and reconnect using component leads. You should continue to watch Sky using the component leads until such time as Pioneer notifies you otherwise.

Q: Component leads?

A: If you have recently had Sky HD installed, the Sky engineers should have used component leads. Earlier installations may have been connected by HDMI. If your screen is currently connected via HDMI you should reconnect via component. These cables or leads are simply phono leads. At this time, Pioneer or Sky can supply these if necessary.

Q: How long will this all go on for?

A: Pioneer and the other parties involved are investigating why this is happening and at the moment we don't know how long this is going to take. Rest assured though all the parties concerned are doing their utmost to resolve this situation.

Q: What happens when the investigation is over?

A: Hopefully the root cause of the HDCP compatibility issue will be clear and we will know what the remedy is.

Q: What about my plasma TV, as you mentioned it may have been affected?

A: If your Pioneer Plasma TV has been confirmed by a Pioneer Plasma Authorised Service Centre with the aforementioned issue then Pioneer GB Limited will once the investigation is over, undertake to repair your plasma free of charge.

Q: My warranty has run out?

A: In this particular instance Pioneer GB Limited will repair any Pioneer Plasma TV experiencing this HDCP compatibility issue even if the unit is out of warranty.

Q: Can I connect my HDMI DVD player to the HDMI input of my Plasma?

A: Yes, we only recommend that the Sky HD Box is connected via component.

Q: I have no picture with my DVD player connected to the HDMI socket, what shall I do?

A: Please contact your nearest Pioneer Plasma Authorised Service Centre who will verify and repair FOC if necessary.

Q: How do I get audio when using the component connection?

A: You will need to connect your plasma or your media receiver with a SCART lead as well.

Technical summary of HDCP compatibility error message

The error message ("This display does not support HDCP") experienced by some customers using Sky HD Box with Pioneer plasma screens through the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input, is caused by incompatibility of the HDCP data streams between the units. This issue is only apparent on protected channels that Sky is transmitting. Non-protected channels can be viewed without error message appearing for example channels 998 or 999.

It appears at the current time, there is a communication inconsistency through the HDMI connection between the two products authenticating the HDCP encryption. This inconsistency could result in the Sky HD box displaying the HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) incompatibility message on the screen.

For further information please contact our Customer Relations Dept, Mon-Fri, during office hours on 01753 789500, visit our blog at www.pioneerhdblog.com or email pioneerhdblog@pgb.pioneer.co.uk