Experience KURO

What does it mean to experience?

We have given you a preview of how KURO delivers the finest picture quality possible in a flat screen TV.
However, the best way to be convinced of the KURO unique seeing and hearing experience, is to see the intensity
of the colours on an actual KURO screen and hear the clearest, most lively sound coming from our speakers.

Open yourself to true greatness and explore KURO with all your senses.

Don’t just wait any longer: immerse yourself in an overwhelming experience.

Like never before

Go beyond. Immerse yourself in a world where colours can be felt, sounds can be tasted and it all comes together to create something unlike anything that has ever existed. And nothing will be the same again.


KURO has grown out of our passion for the art form of the moving picture. Regardless of what you are watching – of how fast (or slow) the image is moving on screen, or how the lighting conditions on the actual video image change, you’ll see even the smallest details and the finest nuances in the best possible resolution.


Contrast ratio answers the question of how black blacks can get on a flat screen television. The blacker the blacks, the better the colours and the more realistic the image appears on screen. KURO flat screen TVs display the deepest black levels possible because extreme contrast is at the very heart of the KURO concept.


KURO flat screen TVs accurately reproduce red, green and blue with smooth, delicate gradations - even in the darkest film scenes. By accuracy, we mean that the picture you see on screen is as true to the original as possible. What you see is clear and accurate. Every time.

Black levels

To create the deepest blacks in a flat screen TV, it is necessary to create a world completely absent of colour or light reflection. We have succeeded in further reducing the idling luminance and improving black levels to a depth far greater than ever thought possible. The result is a picture that possesses finer detail, greater contrast and richer colours – the reference in flat screen televisions.

Experience KURO

Be your own judge. Experience for yourself
what we have been sharing.

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