An amplifier that transports you to a world where every audio visual experience is more. An amplifier that combines flawless qualities and sufficient power reserves to master every conceivable application. An amplifier with almost enough power to harness the seas and storms: SUSANO SC-LX90 High Definition Amplifier.

Key features:

  • 1400 Watt, 10 - channel power
  • Full 1080p video processing and upscaling
  • Air studios Monitor Reference sound tuning
  • Compatible with 1080p/24 video
  • Lossless audio with Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master audio

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Handling the latest lossless audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio with ease, the amplifier brings to life audio signals from HD media including Blu-ray in genuine master quality. And that's not all. Thanks to its ability to meet the demanding requirements of the THX standard developed by Lucasfilm even at lower volumes, the amplifier has earned the studio's highest seal of approval: THX Ultra2 Plus.

SUSANO. The highest evolution of sound

Phase Control is the special Pioneer technology that automatically minimises phase differences in the low frequency range and precisely calibrates the delay between the speakers. The SUSANO SC-LX90 uses Full Band Phase Control, which analyses and corrects all frequency responses and calibrates the delay within each speaker individually as well as between all your speakers. It's just one of the reasons why the SUSANO SC-LX90 is the perfect companion to the LX Blu-ray player and KURO flat screen TV.

To make sure all the speakers in your system are in tune with each other and the room, the SUSANO SC-LX90 features MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System). Simply connect a microphone, press a button and the system will automatically and accurately analyse the sound characteristics of the room and calibrate accordingly.

Thanks to the Advanced Sound Retriever function, compressed music formats such as MP3, Windows Media Audio or MPEG-4 AAC are enhanced to such a degree that the opulence and richness of the original are restored. So just hook up your portable audio player to the SUSANO SC-LX90 and listen to music played back at near CD quality. When it comes to sound quality, one of the world's most sought-after seals of approval is undoubtedly that of London's legendary AIR Studios. Its sound engineers have awarded the SUSANO SC-LX90 with 'monitor reference' certification - their highest recognition.

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