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Map and Operating Software Update for the AVIC-F700BT and AVIC-F900BT


Upgrade your AVIC-F900BT or AVIC-F700BT with the latest software features and map data.

The CNSD-100FM will upgrade your system to include all 2009 updates. You can find the password unlocking tool here.

Highlights include:

  • Even more of Europe, loaded and ready to go:
    Coverage of 9 million kilometers of road in 44 countries (including ‘connector’ roads for 9 countries)
  • Easier junction navigation:
    See immediately which lane you need to be in at a junction: signposts immediately appear on-screen, with the lane of your route highlighted for easy and safe guidance.
  • Even better visibility:
    All our NavGate screens are anti-glare, but our new software includes an additional feature which improves the on-screen contrast – particularly useful when driving in bright daylight.
  • New ‘Heading up’ feature in 2D:
    This new feature allows you to be guided on-screen with your car’s direction always proceeding to the top of the screen. An alternative view would be to have your screen selected at ‘North up’. This gives you greater flexibility in how you prefer to be guided.
  • Faster touch panel response:
    With each successive year, our engineers strike to make features better and faster. This software will make the on-screen reaction to your commands even quicker.

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Main FeaturesCNSD-100FM
OtherThis Map Update for your AVIC-F700BT or AVIC-F900BT is available on SD Card.

Improved coverage areas include:
1. Andorra
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. Bulgaria
5. Croatia
6. Czech Republic
7. Denmark
8. Estonia
9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Gibraltar
13. Greece
14. Hungary
15. Ireland
16. Italy
17. Latvia
18. Lichtenstein
19. Lithuania
20. Luxembourg
21. Malta
22. Monaco
23. Norway
24. Poland
25. Portugal
26. San Marino
27. Slovakia
28. Slovenia
29. Spain
30. Sweden
31. Switzerland
32. The Netherlands
33. The Vatican
34. Turkey
35. United Kingdom (incl. Northern Ireland)

as well as connector roads for:
36. Albania
37. Belarus
38. Bosnia and Herzegovina
39. Macedonia
40. Moldova
41. Montenegro
42. Romania
43. Serbia
44. Ukraine

The SD card also contains new software features, including:

• Highway signboard navigation
• Improved contrast on display
• Heading-up in 2D mode
• Faster touch panel response