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Double Cassette Deck



Wide-Range TechnologyCT-W606DR
20-bit A/D-D/A ConverterYes
Audio FeaturesCT-W606DR
Digital Noise ReductionYes
FLEX (Frequency Level Expander)Yes, digital
TDNS (Tape Duplication Noise Suppressor)Yes, digital
Super Auto BLE XDYes, digital
Dolby Noise ReductionB/C
Dolby HX ProYes
Anti-Resonance and Anti-Vibration designsCT-W606DR
Honeycomb ChassisYes
Double Cassette ConveniencesYes
Auto-ReverseDeck I Play, Deck II Record/Play
CD-Deck SynchroYes
Relay Record/PlayPlay
Normal/High-Speed DubbingYes
Last MemoryYes
Music/Skip SearchYes
Auto Space Rec MuteYes
Headphone OutputYes
SR (System Remote) TerminalYes
Electronic Counter 2-Mode
Fluorescent Peak-Hold Level MeterYes
Number of Motors2
Erasing Head1
Recording/Playback Head1
Wow and Flutter WRMS0,09 %
Wow and Flutter DIN±0,19%
Frequency Response (�20 dB)CT-W606DR
Type IV (Metal Tape)20 — 20.000 Hz
Type II (Chrome Tape)20 — 19.000 Hz
Type I (Normal Tape)20 — 18.000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise RatioCT-W606DR
Digital NR (with Dolby B/C NR)90 dB
Digital NR (without Dolby NR)82 dB
Digital NR/Dolby NR Off57 dB
Power Requirements220 — 230 V, 50 — 60 Hz
Power Consumption19 Watt
Dimensions (W x H x D)420 x 125 x 250 mm
Weight4,4 kg