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Downloads for AVIC-D3


Download description Version Date
CNDV-70 Application update for Danish TMC information 1.010402 01-12-2007

CNDV-70 Application update for Danish TMC information

Download link Version Date Size
CNDV_70D(X)_APL_14122007.zip 1.010402 01-12-2007 4.81 MB

Here you can download an application update for Pioneer Navigation products which use the CNDV-70 Navigation/Map disc.

In 2007, the Danish TMC information format changed.
What this means is that, when you use our CNDV-70 application disc, the new TMC messages could block your navigation unit. This update will solve this problem.
Please note that the problem can only occur on Pioneer navigation units which use the CNDV-70 map disc and that the specific TMC information format is currently only used in Denmark.

Do not execute the update if you have an older version of Navigation/Map disc.

To check and install the application update just follow the six easy steps below:

1. Check the current Application Version:

  • Switch on your Navigation (make sure that the CNDV-70 navigation/map disc is loaded)
  • Select "Menu"
  • Select " Settings"
  • Select "HardwareInfo"
  • Select "ServiceInfoScreen"
  • You should see:
    Product Number: CNDV-70DX/EW-2-A
    Version: 0x010007

2. Download the Update

3. Decompress the file

  • Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, locate the file on your hard disk drive and double click the file to decompress it. (If you do not have a decompression utility installed on your computer, you can easily download one for free.)
  • An image file (file extension .iso) will be created with the same name as the downloaded compressed file

4. Create the Update Disc

  • To create a CD-R/-RW update disc, you will need:
    • A PC with CD-R/-RW drive
    • CD-R/-RW creation (writing) software
    • One blank CD-R or CD-RW disc
    • Supported OS: Windows: 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, MacOS
  • Place a CD-R/-RW disc in the CD drive.
  • Double click the zipped ISO file named "CNDV-70xx_APL_14122007.iso".
  • The CD creation writing software on your computer should automatically open. After the software opens, it should already be set to burn an image file. If not, please make this setting in your software. If your software does not open automatically, check the next bullet
  • If your software does not open automatically, then extract and save the zipped file named "CNDV-70xx_APL_14122007.iso" to a folder on your computer. Open your creation writing software, and set it to burn an image file.
  • Make sure the ISO file "CNDV-70xx_APL_14122007.iso" is selected as the source file, then copy/burn the file to the disc.

5. Update your navigation unit

Update the CNDV-70 application using the CD-R or CD-RW disc containing the update files.

  • Switch on your Navigation unit and remove your CNDV-70 map disc
  • Load the CD-R or CD-RW disc which contains the update files
  • The update will start automatically and will take between 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Note: Do not turn off or disconnect the power, or remove the disc while the update is in progress
  • When the update is finished the unit will automatically restart and ask for your CNDV-70 disc
  • The upgrade was successful if the Version (see point 1) is the same as the version in the download table

Important Remark: You will have to update your navigation unit every time that you change the language setting.